Retirement Planning


Retirement Planning can be a very complex and confusing but happens to be the most important part of financial planning.

We all know we will be working for 40 to 45 years if we are lucky, but did you know that the average life expectancy at age 60 is currently 25 years for a male and 27 years for a female.
We employ the latest IT systems, research and could put you into one of our dedicated portfolios where we are able to react and change the funds much faster to enable us to keep pace with the ever changing market place.

With this in mind it is important that you save significantly when you can and as early as possible to help give your retirement fund plenty of time to grow. We always recommend you speak to an Independent Financial Adviser before acting on any of the issues relating to your pension whether that’s your personal pension, occupational pension or state pension.

Planning for retirement

Pensions are a tax efficient way of investing for your retirement and the major benefit of contributing into a pension scheme is that the government will pay money into it for you in the form of tax relief. It’s not often that the government are willing to give you money so why not take advantage?

It is a complicated area of financial planning but it is an area that you can’t afford to get wrong.

Planning at Retirement

For the lucky few who are approaching retirement and wondering what is the best option for you?

From the age of 55 there are a multitude of options open to you when taking benefits from your pension. It has become quite a diverse area of financial planning due to the range of products that are available. With flexible options available for both tax free lump sums and income.

What if you just want part of your pension whilst you reduce your working hours and go part time ? Or do you know that your annuity rates can be enhanced by upto 100% depending on your health?

The most common question is, did you know that your retirement fund does not have to die with you when you die in retirement, but before the age of 75 100% can be left to your beneficiaries tax free?

In some instances you only get one chance when taking benefits – make sure you make the right one!
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