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Secure Your Future. Life Assurance for Total Peace of Mind

If you have a family or any financial liability the question should not be “Do I really need family protection? ” but “how much and what kind of protection do I need ? ”

We feel that providing for your family in the event of death or illness is as important as saving for your future. If you have the misfortune to become ill or even worse die, how long would any savings you have last?

With a bit of forward planning and the most suitable protection products on your side, some peace of mind can be restored, leaving you to focus on what’s really important, your family. Protection can protect you or your partner if you:

– Die or are diagnosed with a critical illness;
– Suffer an accident or illness and are unable to work
– Lose your job
– Want to be treated by a private doctor or hospital;

Another misconception is that good quality protections costs a lot of money As an example did you know that a 30 year old can have over £270,000 worth of life cover over a term of 20 years for a premium of just £10 per month.


Nowadays, many families pay more per month to protect their pets and the maximum cover is usually less than £5,000.

Yet why is the emotional attachment to a pet worth more than to your loved ones?

Understanding the products that are around and the sort of financial help they can deliver when you are most at need can be reassuringly comforting.

To get the most appropriate answers to your personal circumstances though, it’s usually best to call in professional advice. We can help you decide on:

– Which steps to take to help protect you and your family;
– The most suitable products to meet your needs;

* Please be aware that these products will be subject to proof of good health. If you have any medical problems you may have your premiums loaded, conditions excluded or declined covered by the insurance company
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