1. Initial Contact

A chat with one of our advisers to find out a little bit about each other, what it is you would like to achieve and how we can help you with that. If at any point we feel that we are unable to help you or that out services may not add value to your current position then we will confirm this. If we are able to help you then we will put a date in the diary for a first appointment.

2.Appointment Confirmation

Before your scheduled meeting you will receive an email appointment confirmation. This will confirm the date, time and location and will contain the following attachments for your perusal prior to your appointment:

– Data Privacy Notice
– Data Protection Declaration
– Client Agreement
– Information about our Services & Costs

3. First Appointment

At this meeting the initial disclosure documentation that you have received will be explained in detail and your adviser will be able to answer any questions that you may have.
Fact finding will then take place where your adviser will need to obtain as much initial information as possible about you, your finances, your current situation and your future goals and objectives.
Your attitude to risk and capacity for loss will be assessed and discussed.
Our initial and ongoing fees will be discussed, agreed and set out in a Service and Payment Agreement.
We will need to obtain authority letters from you to enable us to contact your existing financial product providers to get the information that we require to run our analysis.

4. Information Gathering

Our administrators will send off all authorities and liaise with your existing product providers to obtain all of the information that we require. Once all of the information has come back this will be reviewed by your adviser who will then contact you to arrange another meeting to set the agenda moving forward.

5. Research & Recommendations

We will research suitable options for you. If we believe any of your existing plans are adequate then we will tell you this and advise you no change. If we believe that we can offer a better solution then we will demonstrate this to you by comparing all differences in; product providers, costs, funds and fund performances. If we believe that some of your existing products are worth keeping and some are not then we can recommend a hybrid solution.
For any new products that we recommend we will provide you with an illustration, Key Features document.

6. Second Appointment

At this meeting your adviser will give you the advice. You will be presented with all of the documentation that you require and this will be explained to you in detail and any of your questions answered. You will then complete the paperwork that is required to implement the recommendations and your adviser will need to verify your identification. We will provide you with a suitability report explaining what advice has been given and why, summarising the completed research used to arrive at our conclusions.

7. Implementation

Our administrators will then implement what has been agreed. This service will involve administrating the process of: setting up, switching or amending policies. Our administrators will see this process through until completion so you don’t have to do anything. Once any transactions are completed you will receive your final documentation from the provider in the post.

8. Review

Your adviser will be in touch annually to arrange a review meeting. At this meeting your fact find, attitude to risk and financial products will all be reviewed to check the ongoing suitability. Should anything have changed then relevant advice will be given and a further appointment made if necessary.